How to Share Your Faith on Facebook

The Apostle Paul said in 1 Cor 10:31 “whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” That means that, as a Christian, all areas of my life should honor Him.

That includes my online life.

Social media has become one of the places where I live and interact with others. Therefore, it is also one of the places where my love for Jesus should shine.

So how do I glorify Jesus through social media? How do I share my faith on Facebook? Here are some practical dos and don’ts I’ve learned from experience:

DO be yourself. Your Facebook friends want to hear about your everyday life: the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you seem too “holy” and “perfect” all the time they might perceive you as fake and stop reading your posts. “Authenticity” has been cited as one of the most important factors in reaching your friends for Jesus. They need to know you’re a regular human being, like them. So go ahead and post that clip from your favorite TV show that you actually think is hilarious. And go ahead and complain about having to go into work because your job stinks. Be real.

DON’T complain too much. As much as your friends need to know you live a normal life, with normal challenges, they don’t need to hear you whining about everything on Facebook. People may start to wonder if following Jesus is worth it when you, his follower, seems so discontent with your life. Especially don’t complain about other Christians, like famous preachers you disagree with. Your non-Christian friends on Facebook will see your comments and confirm their feelings that religion is divisive.

DON’T swear or post inappropriate content. As a Christian, you are being watched by your non-Christian friends. Don’t give them an occasion to criticize you or discredit your beliefs. Maintain a strong Christian witness online.

DO post high-quality Christian content. Short video clips, interesting articles, short quotes or scripture passages. As something inspires you in your faith, share it online. If it inspired you, perhaps it will inspire others. There are lots of really well-produced Christian videos online, if you know where to find them. But always keep things brief and to the point. Facebook users have short attention spans.

DO wade into debates with a Christian perspective. Facebook can be a good place for these kinds of conversations. But ONLY get involved if you actually know what you’re talking about and can make your points lovingly and with wisdom. If you can’t do that well, then wading into debates is a definite DON’T for you.

DON’T clutter the newsfeed with Christian content. I knew a guy who did this. He didn’t just post one video, or one quote, but every time he went on Facebook he posted around 6 full-length sermon videos, and several Christian articles or quotes. He posted nothing personal or friendly about himself. He just used Facebook as a medium for impersonal evangelism. I learned to scroll past his spiritual blitzkrieg and onto the stuff that I actually found interesting… and I’m a pastor. I guarantee his non-Christian friends care even less.

DO post about what God is personally doing in your life. Share positive experiences, and things God is teaching you. If you were particularly inspired by your Pastor’s sermon on Sunday, tell your Facebook friends! Tell them how much you love your church! Facebook provides a cool opportunity for you to share your faith in a way that is actually probably easier than if you were sitting face to face with a group of your friends. Take advantage of this open door and be a witness.

DON’T “un-friend” your non-Christian friends who swear, post their drinking pics, or generally display a sinful lifestyle on Facebook. Disconnecting from them because you disagree with their sin is exactly opposite to what Jesus would do if he were on Facebook. Jesus intentionally reached out to really sinful people in His society – because they needed Him. Those Facebook friends might drive you crazy, but they are reading your posts, watching your life, and seeing and hearing about Jesus from you if you’re doing some of the things in this article. You might be the only positive Christian witness they have.