Don’t Wait for the Hearse to Take You to Church

A lady in my church gave me this great little piece back in the fall. I think it’s pretty good. Not sure who the original author is but it says “Submitted by Ann Rogers, Townville.


Don’t wait for the hearse to take you to church.

If you do:

  1. You will go regardless of the weather.
  2. You will go regardless of how your family feels.
  3. You will go regardless of the condition of your body.
  4. You will have beautiful flowers, but you will not enjoy them.
  5. Regardless of how good the singing is, you will not enjoy it.
  6. Regardless of what the Minister may say it will do you no good.
  7. You will go to the altar but you will not pray.
  8. You may have a great need but no one will be able to help you.
  9. You will never be able to attend church again.
  10. There will be relatives and friends there but you will not worship with them.
  11. You will go regardless of how many hypocrites are there.
  12. You will go regardless of how much you are needed at home or on the job.

The Minister would rather help you now than to try to console your loved ones if you die without God. So make it your choice to go to church while you have a choice.

Submitted by: Ann Rogers, Townville.