Defending The Bible – Jeremiah Johnston

Rev. Jeremiah Johnston of Acadia Divinity College was with us in Perth-Andover recently. In his sermon, he spoke about how the Bible is under attack in today’s culture. People simply do not respect it or understand its value. He outlined seven points of defence that we can use in defending the value of the Bible to non-Christians. Here are the seven points, I apologize for not giving them to you in fuller detail.

1. The Bible has inspired people from all walks of life.

2. The Bible has held back immorality and anarchy in our society.

3. The Bible has shaped modern government

4. The Bible has impacted the worlds greatest scientists

5. The Bible has impacted literature – the greatest authors of all time.

6. The Bible has impacted everyday things you and I take for granted.

7. If the Bible had never been written our world would look completely different.