12 Questions of Christmas

From VeggieTales and What’s in the Bible? creator Phil Vischer, here is a series of top notch and enjoyable videos for kids at Christmas! Watch one with your kids every day leading up to Christmas, or watch ’em all together in a big bunch. Either way, kids (and adults) will learn a bunch of new and important stuff about Christmas.

Question #1 “Why Do They Call it Christmas?”


Question #2 “Was Jesus Really Born on Christmas?”


Question #3 “How Long Has it Been Jesus Was Born?”


Question #4 “What Santa Claus Have to Do With Jesus’ Birthday?”


Question #5 “How Did Saint Nicholas Turn Into Santa Claus?”


Question #6 “Why Does Santa Wear a Furry Red Hat?”


Question #7 “Why Does Santa Ring a Bell and Collect Money Sometimes?”


Question #8 “What is Hanukkah?”


Question #9 “What Do Christmas Trees Have to do with Jesus?”


Question #10 “What are the 12 Days of Christmas?”


Question #11 “Who is Emmanuel and What Does He Have to do With Christmas?”


Question #12 The Final Question