What to expect at our Church

Hello! And thanks for taking the time to learn more about the Perth-Andover Baptist Church. This page will help you get a “feel” for our Church… but there’s no better way to discover our Church than by visiting us on a Sunday morning.




We have a good amount of parking space, but some people choose to park on the road.

Coming inside

When you come through the doors, you’ll be greeted by one or more of our greeters and you’ll receive a copy of the day’s bulletin. The bulletin contains the order of service and important announcements about upcoming events and other things.


You can sit anywhere you like. Our people are not worrisome about where they sit on a given Sunday. You won’t be in “somebody’s seat.”


You’ll notice the atmosphere is very pleasant. Lots of kids are usually running around and people are talking to one another. This is not a quiet church. We think it’s important to enjoy yourself when you come to Church.

The Offering

The service will begin with announcements and then offering. Guests are not expected to give anything in the offering. Please don’t feel the need to bring money. We’re not after your money.

The Music

We have a very talented worship leader who plays guitar and sings along with other instruments. Our music is a blend of old and new songs. If our worship leader is not available on the Sunday you visit, one of our other gifted musicians will lead the worship. Some people will raise their hands as they worship and many will not. We are open to various expressions of worship. Please feel free to worship in a way that is meaningful to you.

Sharing and Prayer

After the singing, the Pastor will come up and invite anyone to speak about how God is working in their lives, or something they would like prayer about. Then the Pastor prays.

The Sermon

Our Pastor’s sermons are interesting and engaging. He preaches straight from the Bible and addresses relevant issues in our lives. He will keep your attention.

What should I wear?

There is nothing in Scripture that demands we dress in nice clothes for Church. Jesus was homeless, and didn’t have nice clothes. When you come to church, please dress in a way that you are comfortable, as long as your clothing is modest. You will not see men wearing suits and ties at our church, women often will wear dresses / skirts but many do not. Come as you are.

What about my children?

We offer nursery care during the service (newborn-age 5). We also have “Junior Church” (grades K-5) which takes place just during the sermon time of the main service. The children participate in worship, and then are dismissed to go downstairs before the Pastor preaches. Children are not required to go downstairs, they may stay with you during the service if you would prefer.



We also have a Sunday School program that begins at 9:45am for all ages. Click here for details.



We don’t have a traditional mid-week Bible Study. Instead, we run in-home Small Group Bible Studies periodically throughout the year. These provide a relaxed atmosphere for Bible study and are great for getting to know one another better. Small Groups help us grow together as a Church family, and help us to get to know new people on a deeper level. Click here for details.