The Perth-Andover Rap

Check out this music video our youth group made! 

A musical tribute to our little town on the River Saint John in Northwestern New Brunswick, Canada. The song tells about some of the incredible things that makes Perth-Andover the greatest place on Earth, like two dairy bars with similar names, a royal oak tree, and 16 places to eat. How cool is that? Created by the Perth-Andover Baptist Church Youth Group, this ridiculous music video won first place at the annual film festival at Springforth 2012, a giant Christian youth event in Moncton NB.

Halfway through the filming of the video, Perth-Andover experienced the worst flood in the town’s history, destroying many homes, public buildings, businesses, and churches (including ours). In light of the flood, our tribute to Perth-Andover takes on more meaning.

Produced and Edited by:: Owen Bell, Youth Group President.
Lyrics written by:: Perth-Andover Baptist Youth Group
Music written and recorded by:: Pastor Michael Fredericks
Featuring the rap and acting skills of the PA Baptist Youth:: Kyle Pangburn, Ocean Pardy, Kaeleigh Brayall, Shakira Pardy, Owen Bell, Victoria Bell, Kelsie Cummings, Kendra Rossignol, Jonah Pardy, Annie Joyal, Abby Joyal.
Special Appearances by: Wes McLean (MLA), Ruthie Fredericks, and Pastor Michael.

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