New Church Building Project Updates

We are in the midst of an exciting building project. It has become a symbol of hope for our community. Visit here for updates.

Dec.23, 2012 – The contractor, his workers, and his sub-contractors worked extra hard to have everything pretty much ready for our first Sunday on Dec.23rd. Exactly 9 months to the day of the flood that destroyed our former building. 120 people came out to celebrate our first service! Our second service was Christmas Eve.

First Sunday


Dec.5, 2012 – Church volunteers clean up hanging lights from the old sanctuary, preparing for their installation in the new building.

Light Fixtures


Nov. 10, 2012 – exterior of building is nearly finished. Now work on the inside will go full tilt. We are expecting to be in for our first Sunday service on Dec. 23rd.


Oct 5, 2012: Roof is on, shingled. Concrete floor has been poured. The village is preparing water and septic lines. A relocation plan has been announced by the government for homeowners who were flooded, and several homes will probably be moved to a new subdivision being developed across the street from our new building.



Sept 18, 2012: Raise the roof!

Sept 12, 2012: Walls are up!


Sept 2, 2012: Foundation is laid.

Aug 13, 2012: Site is nearly ready for foundation. Land has been levelled off and raised significantly on the side closest to the main road.

July 25, 2012: Ground is broken on the new site as heavy machinery comes in to prepare the site for construction. Over 10,000 cubic yards of fill are required on the property to level it out.