End of Summer Report from Camp Shiktehawk

God has done some amazing things this summer at Camp! Read this exciting report from Marisa Waye, Camp Administrator…

Hello Camp Friends & Supporters,

As I write, the staff are working hard to close the camp after a great summer.  I am having mixed feelings as I do at the end of every summer of camp.  The staff are definitely tired and ready for some R&R, but yet we don’t want to see our time here end.  That is what makes camp so special, the friendships, the bonds, the awesome work of God and the spiritual high that follows.

I just heard this morning of a camper that was here during Unplugged.  She left on Wednesday to go on a vacation with her family but something happened in the 3 days she was here.  After leaving camp to go on the family trip, she was adamant they stop so she could buy a Bible.  So before the family left on vacation they stopped and bought a Bible.  While on vacation they went to church and after leaving the service, she was adamant that she get baptized that very day.  So the family went back to a later service and she was baptized.  Praise the Lord!!!!

What an encouragement to our staff, when I told her counselors they were both very excited to hear, and both said she was only here for so little time that they weren’t sure how much she had taken in, but whatever she heard and experienced obviously made an impact.

To date there are 136 Salvations & Re-dedications for the Lord this summer, and who can measure the effects that being at camp had on countless others.  It was encouraging to hear of several Volunteers also making decisions.  It has been so encouraging and exciting to be a part of the Lord’s work this summer.

We had a total of 526 campers attend, and 39 Families for Family Camp.

Thanks for all your support over the last few months, and years even.  It has been such a blessing to be a part of the great work here.

We are still accepting donations for Camper sponsorship, if you feel led to give to this.  It is such a great opportunity to support campers and their families, as well as the camp.  We have so many applications for sponsorship and every gift helps.

I will be continuing on Full time as Administrative Assistant, please keep me in your prayers as I will be the only staff on site.  Please also continue to pray for the Camp Council as they begin the process of securing an Executive Director.  Pray for discernment, and a following of God’s plan.  Please pray that God would provide the candidate of His choosing, as we enter this new Chapter in the history of Shiktehawk.

Please also pray for our staff as they return to school, or begin University.  They will face many challenges and it can be difficult to maintain the spiritual level that was achieved at camp.  They need our support and encouragement through the year, as much or more than during the summers.

Please also pray for our campers, for those that made decisions, they will be faced with difficult situations.  Pray that they would be plugged in to a church that will help them grow in their faith.  Pray for the campers that did not make decisions, that they would be reminded of the things they learned at camp, about God’s love, and that their hearts would be open.

Again, on behalf of the staff and campers, thank you for helping making Shiktehawk a place “Where Jesus Never Fails”.

There are no words to truly express how much your support has meant.


Marisa Waye

Administrative Assistant

Shiktehawk Bible Camp