Perth-Andover Welcoming Tidal Impact Teams

Picture Christian teenagers from all over Atlantic Canada invading Northwestern NB in order to demonstrate the love of Jesus by engaging in volunteer community service. That’s what Tidal Impact is all about, and our Church is excited to be a part of it!

Around 1000 teens will be in our region, and about 30 will be in our community, from July 16-22nd. A dozen leaders and youth from Perth and Aroostook are partnering with about twice as many other Christian young people from other parts of the Maritimes and are gearing up for a busy week.

What kind of stuff will we be doing?

In the mornings, we will be doing ministry with children on the Tobique First Nation. Teaching Bible stories in creative ways, including music, drama, crafts and more. The goal is show the kids in our communities that God is great and He loves them! We’re not trying to build up our Church, rather, to take the Church and it’s message (the love of God) beyond the walls of a building and into people’s lives.

In the afternoons, we will be serving our community. This can happen in a variety of creative ways – we are hoping to: serve Seniors, assist with yardwork for those who are unable, do a community-wide clean-up, do a food drive for the Food Bank, and more!

In the evenings, the teens all travel to Woodstock for big rallies including an exciting worship team (Life Support) and a high-energy speaker (Dave Currie).

All in all, this is an amazing opportunity for Perth-Andover. We hope you will show your support for a great program that encourages teenagers to be contributors and volunteers in their communities, and that shows our town that God’s love is real – and can be found in the generosity of Christian young people.

For more information visit the Tidal Impact website: or speak with Pastor Michael Fredericks 273-6206