Due to safety concerns with Covid-19 we have had to make some changes to our regular routine in order to have indoor Sunday services. The points below are subject to change and we expect them to change as time goes by.

We urge anyone who feels uncomfortable attending indoor services at this time to stay home and access the service online.  Similarly, if anyone is experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home and watch online rather than attending in person.


  • building is closed to the public except for certain hours Wednesday when drop-offs can be made to the building 
  • signage to promote frequent handwashing and directions to hand sanitizer posted 
  • hand sanitizer minimum 60% alcohol-based readily available inside building
  • anyone who has been outside the province or who is exhibiting symptoms not permitted into the building
  • anyone involved in church activities in any location to maintain physical distancing of two metres
  • use of washroom permitted providing social distancing and handwashing
  • anyone entering the building to wash hands/use sanitizer upon entry, to avoid touching any surfaces, and to clean any surfaces after use
  • church worship services take place indoors, with social distancing
  • high-risk individuals, esp seniors, encouraged to watch service online rather than attending in person
  • Use of masks is required at all times.
  • In the office no mask is required by 1 person working there; if another comes in, both wear masks

Sunday morning worship services (indoor)

  • conducted on Facebook Live beginning March 22, 2020 as a way to participate from home
  • congregation required to wear masks from exiting vehicles to return to vehicles – must wear masks during entire service
  • congregation may sing but must wear mask
  • leaders maintain two-metre distance, use separate microphones
  • only two musicians on platform at one time

Small group gatherings/leadership meetings/ ceremonies

  • small meetings and small gatherings only at this time
  • when indoors, physical distancing of 2 metres
  • use of washroom permitted with social distancing
  • no shared food/drinks
  • record book kept of all who attended
  • bring own chair or chairs sanitized after meeting
  • community face masks to be worn
  • Communion is not being served at this time
  • currently, church building is not available to groups outside the church

Youth Group gatherings

  • Outdoors with physical distancing preferred
  • Snacks provided in individually wrapped packages
  • Handwashing encouraged
  • Several adult leaders in attendance to help monitor social distancing

Receiving donations or payments

  • Encourage weekly offerings via e-transfer
  • Donations or food bank items to be dropped off at the church Wednesdays between 10-2 – placed on table or desk, not transferred hand to hand
  • If money is handled, ensure regular handwashing after use or minimum 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer 

Last Updated 9 October, 2020